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No time to start a business? Think again!


Go from idea to fully functional business in just 60 days. 

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What if you could start your own business quickly and easily?

Even if you have a day job.

Even if you have a family to take care of.

Even if you're not very tech savvy.

Even if you're so busy you barely have time to breathe.

Whether you've been dreaming about running your own business for years
or you have a business that's just not working, this time management course
will help you make your dream a reality in as little as 60 seconds a day.

Yes, really!

You CAN start a business from scratch in just
one minute per day

Does this sound familiar? Be honest!

“I wish I could start a business
but I have no time.”

"I have a day job, and I'm too
exhausted by the end of the day
to work on a business."

“I’m too busy taking care of my kids, spouse, and/or elderly parents. It would be selfish of me to start a business.”

“I can’t do this perfectly,
so why bother at all?”

"I have a business, but I'm too
disorganized to get it to a place where
it actually runs smoothly."

“I don’t know where to start.”

What if I were to say that you CAN have the business you've only imagined
and it won't take all your time, all your money, and years to accomplish?

In fact, you can build a functioning online business from scratch in as little as 60 days while still having time for family, friends, your day job, school, personal hobbies, and self-care.

You don’t need
MORE time
MORE money
MORE resources
MORE employees
MORE technology

What You Need is an Edited Business.

Your Business Just Got Supercharged!


Introducing Startup In 60.

A time management course for busy women who are ready to finally start their own businesses whether they have 60 days, 60 minutes, or just 60 seconds.

Now only $147 

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Hey there! I'm Sage Grayson.

I'm a former book editor turned life coach, and I help ambitious career women edit their habits, routines, and mindsets to balance their happiness at work and home.

I'm a Life Editor . . . and so are you!

Since 2011, I've been successfully running my own online business and teaching women just like you how to defeat their fears, own their worth, and create profitable businesses from scratch.

You can do this . . . and Startup and 60 can help!

In just 60 days from now you will have . . .

An online headquarters
with a new website and hosting.

A clearly defined business niche
and ideal client profile.

An email subscriber list
connected to your valuable free offer (VFO).

Packages and products
for both active and passive income.

A pricing strategy
that honors you and your clients.

An ongoing warm letter campaign
to entice your most likely buyers.

A content creation strategy
for blogging, vlogging, podcasting, etc.

A repeatable marketing plan
to get consistent traffic.

Systems and routines
so everything runs smoothly.

Newfound confidence
to be an entrepreneur
who's mastered her time.

A balanced lifestyle
for your business and personal commitments.

An exciting growth plan
for continued success
beyond the first 60 days.

Here's What You Get!

60 Daily Video Lessons
to demystify the steps of starting a business into simple doable tasks.
No more endless researching!

30+ Beautifully Designed Worksheets
to help you easily clarify your intentions, niche, goals, products, prices, and more.

Interactive Group Calls
(during a live session) where you can speak directly to Sage and get answers to your specific questions.

Access to Sage during a live session
for added accountability.

Recommended Books, Apps, and Resources
to help you reach the next level of success with your business.

Lifetime Access to the Entire Program Plus Future Updates!

How Startup In 60 Works

As soon as you purchase the program, you'll be given a username and password to login to our private membership site. Once you login, you'll have access to the entire program including 60 daily videos, 30+ clarity worksheets, and dozens of resources to help you set up your business fast.

You're the boss of your business, so you can go through the videos one per day for the next 60 days . . . or zoom through the content in a week. It's up to you!

Your daily homework is to do a 60-minute or 60-second task to build your business from scratch depending on how much time you have available that day. However, the first module of the program teaches you how to find more time in your schedule.

Each module focuses on a different aspect of starting a business, from creating your online headquarters, to designing products, to overcoming resistance.

At least once a year, I'll host a live session of the program with group calls. The call recordings will be uploaded to the program site within 24 hours.

No matter how you choose to complete the exercises, you’ll be continually making progress on your business. You’ll stretch your creativity muscles and learn how to get stuff done even if you only have a minute.

You’ll go from idea to fully functioning business in only 60 days! No more excuses holding you back!

You’re probably thinking . . .
“Yeah, sure, Sage. This sounds too good to be true. How can I possibly start a business when I barely have time to breathe?"

You’re about to discover that you don't need to put your dreams on hold because you've got other priorities in your life.

It's all about taking control of your time and making it work for you, not against you.

Haven't you been waiting for
something just like this?

It's time to edit your biz. Join Startup In 60!

 Now only $147

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Program Content

Module 1
Revolutionize Your Time

Module 2
Define Your Business
and Ideal Clients

Module 3
Set Up Your Online Headquarters

Watch a free preview video from the program!


Module 4
Make Your Valuable
Free Offer (VFO)

Module 5
Create Your Products, Packages, and Pricing

Module 6
Reach Out to Your
Most Likely Buyers

Free Preview Video!


Module 7
Blog Like a Badass

Module 8
Market Like You Mean It

Module 9
Establish Systems
and Routines

Free Preview Video!


Module 10
Balance Your Business
and Your Life

Module 11
Beyond the Startup Phase

Just Added Bonus Workshops!

  • 50 Ways to Promote Your Business Without Social Media
  • 60 One-Minute Marketing Strategies

Top 5 Most-Watched Modules

  1. Set Up Your Online Headquarters. Make a welcoming home base for your readers and followers that showcases your expertise.
  2. Create Your Packages, Products, and Pricing. Design your marvelous sales funnel with active, passive, and consistent income.
  3. Reach Out to Your Most Likely Buyers. Use my secret formula for getting sales when you don't have a list or followers. And no cold messaging!
  4. Market Like You Mean It. The best strategies to get people to notice your biz without being pushy or sleazy.
  5. Balance Your Business and Your Life. The true way to "have it all" without sacrificing self-care, your relationships, or your sanity.

Top 5 Most-Downloaded Printables

  1. Editorial Calendar
  2. Ideal Client Profile
  3. My Blogging Personality
  4. Warm Letter Templates
  5. My Repeatable Marketing Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

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In just 60 days,
you can be a business owner.

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Startup In 60

  • 60 Daily Video Lessons.
  • 30+ Beautifully Designed Worksheets.
  • Interactive Group Calls.
  • Access to Sage during a live session.
  • Recommended Books, Apps, and Resources.
  • Lifetime Access to the Entire Program Plus Future Updates!

Now only $147

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