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What are you supposed to do if your life isn't how you want it to be?

There are so many ways to feel out of control right now.

Believe me, I understand.

Does this sound familiar . . .

Every morning you're tempted to hit the snooze alarm because your body and mind are Just. So. Tired.

Perhaps you work at a soul-crushing job that's slowly grinding you into dust.

Maybe you're gaining weight at an alarming rate because you barely have time to pee let alone cook a healthy meal.

You have this gnawing feeling in the back of your mind that you're not living up to your potential, but figuring out exactly what you want is a challenge too.

Or sometimes you want to strangle your friends who seem to be flaunting their family vacations, new houses, and thriving businesses while you struggle to put gas in your car.

And when you finally lay your head on the pillow at night, you're tormented by "gremlins" who whisper all your failures in your ear so you can't sleep.

Do you want to do reach your goals . . .

. . . but you can't seem to stick to a plan or make progress . . .

. . . and you're worried about failing again?

The "total makeover" lie

A common myth is that if you want to change your life, then you must throw your current life in the trash like a crumbled up piece of paper.

We believe this lie because if things aren't going how we want them to go, then WE must be the problem. Better to scrap the whole shebang and start at zero, right?

But that's not the truth. The truth is there's nothing wrong with you.

Yes, really.

You and your life are not broken and unfixable. It's simply a "rough draft."

You just need a little editing.

Are you ready for a different way of doing things?

A new way of showing up for yourself so that you can thrive, no matter what is happening around you?

If you'd like a little help cleaning up your rough draft life, keep reading.

You CAN stick to good habits, finally organize your priorities, and reach every ginormous goal you have . . . no matter how many times you've failed in the past.

On this page, I'll lay it all out for you.

I’ll tell you how I edited my life and business . . .

. . . and how you can edit your way to success too.

How would you like to feel this instead . . .

  • Waking up every day with a sense of purpose and drive.
  • Moving forward on all your big goals by breaking down projects into manageable chunks.
  • Checking things off your to-do list like a supercharged go-getter.
  • Finally doing the things you never made time for in the past, and feeling like you're becoming the best version of yourself.
  • Letting go of perfectionism and doubt and embracing all the beautiful things that make you YOU.

After coaching thousands of women for nearly
10 years, it's become abundantly clear to me
that personal growth has no expiration date. 

Ready to turn the page on your struggles?

Introducing The Life Editor Clubhouse.

Your ultimate community for self-development growth
and business strategies.

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My Life Editing Story

Hey there! I'm Sage Grayson, a former book editor turned life coach. I help ambitious career women edit their habits, routines, and mindsets to balance their happiness at work and home.

I'm a Life Editor . . . and so are you!

I was a book editor in the publishing world for 10 years editing medical textbooks and journals. It was fulfilling work for a while, but eventually, I struggled with reading about disease, pain, and death every day.

My days were filled with burnout and unhappiness, and I wanted to find to a career that would light me up inside.

In the most basic terms, I wanted to feel hopeful about the world again.

This was in 2011, and at that time, I ran a mildly popular advice blog. Soon I noticed that other people (life coaches in particular) were getting paid for the same advice I was giving away for free.

I rebranded my blog as a life coaching business, and quickly gained clients who were ready to make big changes.

Then a funny thing happened.

I noticed that I was (unconsciously) teaching my clients to improve their lives little by little just like how I used to edit manuscripts back in my book editing days.

Ding! A lightbulb went off above my head.

My Life Editing Process was born out of the idea that small changes (tiny edits!) can add up to a beautiful new story. And I'll tell you all the steps later on this page.

Here are some of the wins my clients experienced through life editing:

  • Started a business from scratch.
  • Got pregnant after years of infertility.
  • Tripled her business income.
  • Moved to Hawaii.
  • Finally published her website and started blogging regularly.
  • Stood up for herself and filed for divorced.
  • Quit a terrible job and shifted to a new career path.
  • Sold out her women's beach retreat.
  • Cut sugar and gluten from her diet and feels like a million bucks.
  • Removed dangerous toxic relatives from her life.

Think about what it would feel like to achieve your goals. What big wins would you want celebrate?

Sometimes our lives can feel like a rough draft.

Our days are jumbled, there doesn’t seem to be a flow, and we’re not living the story of our dreams that’s inside of us.

That’s where life editing comes in.

I've used life editing in countless ways including:

Edit My Life

by finding purpose after an abusive childhood, cutting off toxic family members, and rebounding from divorce.

Edit My Business

by developing my own trademark framework, pivoting with changing technology, and implementing strategies for consistent growth for nearly 10 years.

Help My Clients

overcome fear, clean up every aspect of their lives, and feel happier and more fulfilled every day.

You can get good at making
tiny edits to get closer to
your ideal life story.

The Life Editor Clubhouse has tools to help you.

You will improve.

And you'll find that getting to your next chapter is easier than you thought. No more procrastination, confusion, or burnout.

Wouldn't it feel fantastic to start making progress now?

Sage Is My Accountability Partner and Cheerleader!

12 weeks ago, I was frustrated with myself and my business. I couldn't get traction on much of anything, and I was behind on everything with no clear way to catch up. Overwhelmed and overcommitted, I could only see what wasn't working.

Sage didn't rebuild my life or my business. She didn't throw out what I'd created and force me to start over from scratch. Instead, she shined a light on the things that were working, the aspects of my business that I love the most, and we leveraged those things to start editing what was to make what could be. And yes, she forced me to take a really honest look at everything I'd committed to and what I needed to let go, and why.

Sage has the unique combination of being a firm accountability partner and a rose-colored glasses cheerleader. She will find the silver lining in your week no matter how dismal you think it was, and then she'll give you constructive advice on how to do better next week. She'll celebrate your wins and then challenge you to start the next step of your edit.

Sara Cochran, The Skeleton Whisperer

Working With Sage Changed My Life!

Her belief in me is what’s contagious. I learned self-care (white space) is key to how my day is going to go. Since working with Sage, my self-care has never been so excellent.

Almost every morning I’m reading affirmations, writing in a gratitude journal, visualizing how I want my future and day to go, and scheduling ways to refuel myself.

I also have brand new fresh ideas for my business that I’m lit up and excited about taking on. She creates a space for excellence and balance because this is how she lives her life.

My life has changed. I’m more focused on what matters to me. I take actions that support how I want to feel now. Self-care is the foundation for happiness, and I’ve found the well. Thank you, Sage!

Nichole Crawford, The Sacred Artist

You're invited to join the Life Editor Clubhouse.

Wanna see what's inside?

Self-Paced Life and Business Video Classes

  • Choose the next topic that interests you according to your needs, priorities, and goals.
  • Mark off completed classes to track your progress and never lose your place.
  • Speed up, slow down, and pause to your heart's content.

New Content Every Month

  • Keep learning advanced life editing techniques to grow.
  • Avoid stagnation with new life and business topics/resources.
  • Stay connected with the community.

Your Life Editor Community

  • Find accountability partners with similar goals in our Facebook Group
  • Share progress, ask questions, and get support in the comment sections for every class.
  • Speak with Sage directly during our weekly video calls.

Now only $17/month


Over 60 video classes (plus bonus printable action plans!)
covering a variety of topics including:

  • 12 Week Planner
  • The Ultimate Guide to List Making and Journaling
  • Clean Up Your Clutter
  • Procrastination Blaster
  • Type A Meditations
  • Supercharge Your Schedule
  • Email List Basics
  • Warm Letter Campaigns
  • Design Your Sales Funnel
  • Write Like an Editor
  • How to Choose the Right Goals for You
  • Overcome Your Resistance
  • Makeover Your Mornings
  • Law of Attraction 101
  • Silence the Critical Voices
  • So You Want to Be a Life Coach
  • How to Price Your Products and Services
  • Side Hustles Simplified
  • Make an Operations Manual

Recently Added

  • Word of the Year
  • Finding Joy in the Present Moment
  • Minimalism Without Deprivation
  • 50 Ways to Promote Your Business Without Social Media
  • How to Plan Intentional Weekends
  • How to Stress Less and Play More
  • What to Do When Your Plans Fail
  • Fearless Forgiveness
  • Fuel Your Success With Treats and Rewards
  • Bookend Your Life and Find Your Balance
  • Edit Your Biz on a Budget

Top 5 Most-Watched Classes

  1. Fuel Your Success With Treats and Rewards. Simple tips to use frequent treats for consistent progress and meaningful rewards for achieving big goals.
  2. How to Choose the Right Goals for You. Your roadmap to success with my ultimate goal planning and task breakdown strategy.
  3. Edit Your Biz on a Budget. Easy ways to implement best practices for your business without scrimping on the quality.
  4. An Edited Mind. Fear and self-doubt begone! Powerful tactics for busting through even the toughest mindset blocks.
  5. So You Want to Be a Life Coach. Get confident, set up your online headquarters, find ideal clients, and serve the world in a big way.

Top 5 Most-Downloaded Printables

  1. 12 Week Planner
  2. Edit Your Money Blocks
  3. 100 Ways to Change Your Life
  4. 7 Days to an Edited Blog
  5. This Year I Will . . .


Watch one of the most popular classes in the Clubhouse, "Fuel Your Success With Treats and Rewards."


Which Life Editor Are You?


GOAL: To earn more money and grow her business.

FEARS: Burnout and product launches that flop.

VALUES: Helping her clients, loved ones, and self feel successful.

Side Hustle

GOAL: Wants step-by-step guides to start her business.

FEARS: Spending too much time "researching" instead of taking action.

VALUES: Wants something more than her usual everyday life.


GOAL: To engage all her interests and be creative.

FEARS: Starting projects but never finishing them.

VALUES: Freedom to choose her direction and try everything.

Self-Development Seeker

GOAL: To become the best version of herself.

FEARS: Not living up to her full potential.

VALUES: Living in an atmosphere of growth, compassion, and community.

Do any of these Life Editors sound like you? Yes?
Then you're totally in the right place.

How the Life Editing Process Works

Life editing is a form of life coaching that follows a specific step-by-step process for cleaning up your life, much like how a book editor would edit a manuscript.

Step 1: Create a Foundation

Even if your life isn’t perfect, there are things that support you and keep you stable. The good things that are already working for you are called a foundation.

Step 2: Delete Bad Influences

You can’t add in the good things that are missing in your life until you create some room by deleting all the junk. These could be people, situations, or habits that are not adding value to your life.

Step 3: Add Good Habits and Routines

After you’ve deleted the bad influences in your life, you’ll notice you’ll have much more time, space, and energy for all the good things that have been missing. Now you can do the things you’ve always wanted to do but never made the time for, find your ideal career, take care of yourself, and have fun.

Step 4: Rearrange Everything Into a Perfect Flow

If your days aren’t going as smoothly as you’d like, you might need to do some adjusting. Just because you have all the components doesn’t mean your life is flowing. Rearranging a few things in your schedule can make all the difference.

Step 5: Make White Space for Personal Self-Care

Personal white space is needed for you to have a place to rest, recharge, and breathe. It’s self-care so you can be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to do what you need to do. It’s also a way for you to give yourself a break and do an imperfect job.

Always Editing

Life editing is an ongoing process that you can return to again and again. In fact, I use this framework for my quarterly personal check-ins at the start of every season.

5 Benefits of Joining
the Life Editor Clubhouse

  1. Make positive life changes easily.
  2. Start a business from scratch.
  3. Overcome procrastination, fear, and burnout.
  4. Learn from Sage's decade of experience.
  5. Find your community of like-minded friends.

1. Make Positive Life Changes

The Life Editing Process makes habit creation easy. You'll learn how to choose easy wins that build on each other leading to big results and avoiding the dreaded burnout.

You'll become a pro at "deleting," or removing toxic people from your life, saying no to things that drain you, and delegating tasks that aren't your responsibility.

A true key to life editing is the ability to organize your time and priorities. No more getting distracted, wasting your precious minutes, or wondering where to focus your energy next.

2. Start a Business From Scratch

One of the greatest joys in my life is helping women start their own online businesses. You'll learn the basics so you can finally startup your startup.

When you create a sales funnel, you'll have a logical path for your customers to follow as they move through your offerings including freebies, products, programs, and more.

We'll clear up the confusion around pricing your products and services so you can earn what you're worth without alienating your customers.

3. Overcome Procrastination, Fear, and Burnout

The Clubhouse keeps you moving forward with tiny, practical edits. No more procrastinating on your next project or wondering what to do next. Printable action plans are included with every video class to keep you focused.

Fear holds us back in a lot of ways. We may fear failing, but the Clubhouse shows you how to embrace every failure and improve. We may fear success, but the Clubhouse shows you how to use your success to be a positive influence on others. We may fear the unknown, but the Clubhouse walks you step-by-step through self-change and provides a supportive community.

Burnout happens when you're taking on too much for the limited time you have and not giving yourself adequate self-care breaks. Learn how to shrink your to-do list by letting go of low-priority tasks.

4. Learn From Sage's Decade of Experience

Take advantage of my more than 10 years of experience in every Clubhouse Class. I share my triumphs, mistakes, and strategies so you can be successful faster.

You'll speak directly to me during our weekly group calls so you can get answers to your specific questions and your personal situation.

Request new classes and have input on the content that appears in the Clubhouse. This is your community!

5. Find Your Community of Like-Minded Friends

Connect in our private Facebook Group and find an accountability partner with your same goals.

Leave your comments on every class page to share your progress and keep the conversation going.

Chat with your Life Editor friends (and Sage!) during our weekly group calls. This is your chance to let your voice be heard.

Get started right away.
The next chapter of your life is waiting for you!

You can do this, and easy edits make anything possible.

Life Editor Clubhouse

  • 60+ self-paced video classes.
  • Printable action plans for every class.
  • New content added monthly.
  • Interactive group video calls weekly.
  • Private community.
  • Monthly subscription. Cancel anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Check Out the Latest Features

  • Playback speeds for the videos. Now you can speed up, slow down, and pause to your heart's content.
  • Printable action plans for every class. Now you'll know exactly which steps to take next on your life editing journey.
  • Progress tracking. Now you can mark your finished classes as "completed" so you never lose your place.

Making positive changes is about to get real easy for you.

You can start the next chapter of your life without throwing away your entire story. Life editing is about making small, manageable changes that lead to lasting results.

No "quick fixes" or "total makeovers" that stick for a few days or weeks before crumbling apart when things get tough.

Life editing gives you the freedom to make tiny edits to become the best version of yourself . . . WITHOUT OVERWHELM.

Now you're ready to get organized, blast through your fears, and achieve things you once thought were out of reach.

If this sounds good to you, then I'd love to welcome you into the Life Editor Clubhouse. The subscription price will go up in the future, so now's the best time to join.

See you inside!

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No one likes feeling trapped or stuck with something that's not a good fit. Yuck! This community is sacred to me, and I only want the right Life Editors to join.

I'm so confident you'll love life editing that I'm making it easy for you to try the Life Editor Clubhouse.

Join us and take a look around, and if you decide it's not for you, then you can cancel your subscription anytime, no questions asked. Easy peasy.

One step and you're in!

Thanks for reading this far, Life Editor. You're obviously dedicated to personal growth! :)

Here's what will happen when you join . . . 

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When you login, you'll see all the life and business classes available to you so you can start wherever you feel pulled. Or if you want more direction, check out the quickstart guides in the Welcome section.

As your coach, I'll make sure you receive high-quality video classes every month and a community to call home.

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I Went From Idea to Paying Client in 2 Months!

Before working with Sage, I didn’t know how to create a photography mentoring business. It was something new, and I was lost about how to make it happen.

I was hopeful but needed help.

I learned that I don’t have to create my business all on my own. There is help when you need it. Sage showed up just when I needed her. She was there when the idea was born and held my hand to get me started.

Sage kept me focused on the business I was creating. I went from idea to my first paying client in 2 months!

My creativity comes out better when I’m having fun, and Sage is fun! But she’s also focused so that I make continuous progress toward my goals.

Erika Swafford,

Sage Supported Me On My Journey!

Before working with Sage, I wasn't sure what my business was exactly. I'd learned lots of models that worked for other people. I wasn't sure what worked for me.

I learned what it is that I do best and what I love to do. I learned what I have to do and how to make it more enjoyable.

The best part was starting my blog. I love writing and I enjoy sharing myself and my wisdom through words with others. I also learned that I enjoy the up close and personal of doing workshops and that people enjoy what I have to offer.

Sage was so supportive as I journeyed through this time of learning and growing. She noticed what inspired me and pointed me in that direction. Thank you, Sage!

Constance Chapman, Constance Chapman Life Coaching

Sage Helped Me Get a New Job and Double My Salary!

Sage set up a series of goals for me to hit for both optimism and my job search. We revamped my resume and figured out what’s really important to me in my everyday life. She pushed me past my low expectations and helped me own my worth. She also held me accountable to my ambitious goals—I applied to 5 jobs a day for almost 2 months!

At the end of our coaching, I was in a job built on my experience, made me more marketable, had a team I loved, and double the salary I had in my nightmare job, not to mention $12,000 more than I made at my best-paying job.

I keep coming back to Sage as a coach when I have a serious decision to make or major plan to sort out. She is a genius at figuring out what’s essential and breaking things down into bite sized pieces to get stuff done.

Most importantly, I’ve learned from Sage that a happy life is built on small daily habits and gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. The foundation you build is what allows you to soar. Working with Sage is like a positivity injection!

Suzie Soloviev, Sacred Record

The Refresher I Needed to Start Moving Forward!

Working with Sage gave me the refresher I needed to start moving forward on work I’d been avoiding. Sage kept me focused on my goals and the steps it would take to reach them.

Her regular system of checking in between sessions kept me accountable and moving forward. As a result of my work with Sage, I now have a new website and 2 products that are almost ready to launch.

I recommend working with a coach in general, but Sage in particular has a way of keeping sessions focused on the new and good, which left me feeling as though my goals were doable and maybe not as hard as I think they are when I'm trying to work them on my own.

Sara Marchessault, The Joyful Journaler

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PS, Many of my clients who have businesses use my video classes to earn back more than enough to cover the cost of the monthly subscription. The knowledge and strategies provided can quickly pay for themselves.

PPS, Remember, you can join now and cancel anytime. No hard feelings. I want everyone to feel like they're getting their money's worth in the Clubhouse.

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